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Industrial Design

At Gajah our multidisciplinary team works with our partners to create meaningful designs and user experiences that consumers carve. We understand that design is a powerful tool to create products that make a difference in our partners’ business. Our designers and engineers strive to create products and experiences that stand out in the crowded marketplace and propel our partners forward.

Our innovative design process reveals valuable insights into consumers and translates these into products struck a cord with today’s consumers. Our passionate designers visualize and create products that match consumers’ expectation while balancing our partners’ brand value. The industrial designers skillfully fuse form and function into aesthetically delightful and ergonomically designed products; while our interaction designers infuse intuitive and sensory rich user experiences into our product. Our experienced engineers push the limits to deliver the product with the utmost quality while ensuring a healthy bottom line. Our delicate team brings together the knowledge and experiences from business, design and engineering into a seamless process to create a product experience for your visionary product idea.

Content Delivery Platform

Gajah has created a content delivery system to provide a secured and versatile means to delivered digital content through the internet. It offers content providers and publishers a better means to extend their reach to a wider audience while protecting their contents. This platform is designed for scalability to suit different business needs and is suitable for the distribution of the digital content like music, video, news, books, etc. The platform current deliver content directly to the subscriber via WiFi, GPRS and 3G networks, and can be readily adapted to be deployed on other future network.

The content delivery platforms have been implemented on, an unlimited subscription music download service. Geetune provides DRM protected music via Gajah’s proprietary delivery platform, and allows tracks from music labels to be distributed to subscribers in tandem with the official release of the albums. This content delivery mechanism provides the critical platform for distributing the digital music to the subscribers.

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