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Company Direction

Currently, Gajah International focuses research and development on various Consumer Electronics products in multimedia and storage such as MP3, MP4, Portable Media Player, Hard disk Player, various types of HDD Enclosures and others.

The R&D department, consisting of experienced and creative engineers, deals with the development of the latest IT products. The company's engineers are constantly researching to improve the current technology in order to come up with high quality, user-friendly and affordable products for the benefit of all consumers.

Gajah International would like to create more innovative, useful and user friendly products to benefit consumers. Under the philosophy of "Sharing Technology", we are sharing our technology and services with all other companies to benefits more consumers in the market.

    "SHARING TECHNOLOGY" We at Gajah International believe in sharing technology with the people.

   To be the world's leading R&D Company in consumer electronics product.
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